Our vision is to help create a sustainable foundation for building and maintaining wealth in communities through partnerships that benefit the people who are already living there.

By creating mutually beneficial partnerships along with thoughtful data and generative AI enabled processes, Unified Ground transforms traditional green project financing into catalytic investments by opening new paths to capital for local businesses and community based organizations.



Green project developers, you get to watch each dollar go further as you multiply your impact and receive key data for your reporting needs. Our years of experience deploying technology to support community-driven energy programs will help open doors for you to new community and supply chain partners.

Local businesses and community based organizations, you can expand your access to funding opportunities while we streamline the process and minimize associated administrative requirements. In addition, since we can partner earlier on in the process, potential plans for projects in your area can more thoughtfully address the actual needs of your community instead of adding them on in the final stages, if at all.

We’re committed to supporting communities and businesses in achieving the Justice40 goals. We focus on the specific areas of :

•Training and Workforce Development

•Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

•Climate Change

•Affordable and Sustainable Housing

Unified Ground’s services supports many of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development goals, focusing on:


For more information on UN SDB goals, go to – https://sdgs.un.org/goals .